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The Virtual Experience

May 24, 2020

Event Tips

There’s no surprise that events are getting bigger every year! Powerful events are a critical success factor for any business.  However, in such a time as this everyone around the world is facing the effects surrounding COVID-19 Pandemic and across the events industry. It’s no secret that it has been a difficult time for all industries and, most importantly, for people.

But wait! Postponing events, canceling events and shorn up creative solutions to bring people together is ever present. Companies are moving their events to digital forums. That’s why we’ve put together some tips that are light on the panic and heavy on practical advice.

Create a plan

  • Communicate with partners/attendees
  • Contact all meeting spaces, venues, vendors, speakers and sponsors of upcoming changes
  • Provide outlined moving forward steps 

Moving to a Virtual Event

  • Continual updates to all involved parties remotely
  • Prepare effective communication strategies for upcoming changes
  • Provide research of available digital platforms to accommodate customer budget and need

Don’t Panic

  • Demonstrate confidence by offering tips/tools for immediate changes
  • Stay in the Know with details and facts
  • Revise, review contracts for last-minute changes 

The power of a person to person connection is priceless. Nothing beats it! But if it comes to having an event virtually or nothing at all, the majority of the companies are moving to the virtual platform. Here is an example from Adobe shared from their Adobe summit:

Having TaylorMade Events will ensure the job will get done with execution!

Vivian DeSouza | TaylorMade Events


What Is Holding You Back from Having An Awesome Event?

January 31, 2020

Event Tips

Are you dreading planning your next event this new year? Do you feel like you don’t know where and how to start?  Your big event is approaching, even faster than you anticipated. There’s no time! Uggh! You could pull your hair out, but that might ruin the pictures.

To prevent these unseemly transformations, here are three simple tips to help get you started.


Yes, there are ways to avoid skyrocketing costs and other horror stories that you hear about whenever event plans go off the rails. You too can successfully plan an unforgettable event if you know the secrets of master planners — project managers. Think like a project manager, and whether you’re an event planning pro or a novice planning your first, these tips will help your event go off with a hitch!  Do your do diligence by knowing how much is needed on spending by gathering prices of all your needs.

Dream BIG

Draft what your ideal event would look like and envision everything as if there were no restrictions, in other words magical! After you have your dream plan, go back to that draft with your red pencil and define what you’d settle for. What pieces are essential, which are not? What you’ve done is created a range in which you can realistically attain. That way, your expectations are grounded and there’s less of a chance that you or someone is going too far overboard.

Hire an Event Planner

This might be the easiest way to have a successful event. There certainly are reasons to hire a professional event company or event planner. For starters, an event planner can save time. That leaves you time to focus on essentials, while they deal with the logistics. An event manager or event planning company also has experience in negotiating. Those skills will help you spend the least and get the most.

Event management companies do this for a living, so not only do they have contacts and know how to negotiate, so you don’t have to, but they approach events with a creative mind that allows for unique solutions and events that resonate.The typical cost of hiring a full service event planner accounts for 15-20% of the total event budget. (Source: Cost Helper)

Whether the event is big or small, they have a planning stage, an execution stage and the need to monitor and make sure everything is going as scheduled.  Having TaylorMade Events will ensure the job will get done with execution!

Vivian DeSouza | TaylorMade Events

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